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Craigslist is for Lovers… and Artists

Admit it, you’ve checked out Craigslist’s Missed Connections section on occasion. Maybe you thought/hoped that cute guy on the 1 train noticed you too or the hot girl at the bar last night was disappointed you never made your move. Or maybe you’re like me (i.e. married) and you’re just curious for the entertainment value. I mean, there are some strange little dramas on there and a lot is left to the imagination, right? Continue reading


Eff Ponies.

Had I known as a kid what I know now, I never would have asked for a pony.  I mean, who the hell would want a pony when you can have a real life unicorn.  Ok, so it’s not the big, beautiful white unicorn you’d expect, but whatever… It’s got the horn and that’s what counts, right?  How cool would it have been to tell your friends “Why don’t you come by my house after school and check out my unicorn”?  And guys, the same line would have totally worked on the ladies in high school.  Or at least on me.

And if my parents had refused to get me the unicorn?  Well, I’d have asked for a pink dolphin.

(Thanks for the link Raven!)

Funny… inviting a girl to your place to see your pink dolphin would also work on two levels.

Why hello there…

Deer Cupcakes

Hey everybody!  Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to do this whole blogging thing.  It should be… um… interesting for all parties involved.  Basically, I’ll be posting weird/interesting/funny stuff for your viewing pleasure (and to give me an outlet for all the stuff I feel obligated to share with the world).  So that’s it I guess.  Enjoy!

(A note on the name of the blog: I would have liked to use the actual word “fuck”, but seeing as there are people out there with delicate sensibilities, I opted for the more palatable “eff”.  In my heart though, it’s still “fuck”.  And thank you Mike Monteiro for being the inspiration)

[image from Andrea Canalito via NylonMag]