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Even Porn is Green Now

Nature is dirty.  Not in the rugged, outdoorsy way, but in the animals humping each other way. If you’re the type who DVRs nature shows and then fast forwards to the mating scenes (no judgments), the Sundance Channel has a better option for you – Green Porno.

This season (#2) focuses on sexy creatures under the sea, including the female whale who wants to see the boys fight over her, the hermaphrodite limpet who lines up to take its turn being the bottom, and the hideous anglerfish who does it with her light on and treats her little man like he’s a portable sperm bank.  Kinky, I know.

And who better to perform these animal sex acts than the lovely Isabella Rossellini.  She dons all manner of ridiculous costumes to educate us in the ways of seduction… animal seduction.  My favorite is the whale costume:

Whale Suit

If you think that’s hot, wait until she turns around (watch the video for her… um… Moby Dick).


Every Family’s Got One

Hairy Uncle Louie, bug-eyed Aunt Sally, buck-toothed cousin Murray.  Ok, so maybe they’re not blue and 7 feet tall, but you know you’ve got at least one black sheep in the family (or maybe it’s you).  Well, artist Relleno De Mono takes vintage family photos and adds those weird relatives wherever they’re missing. Continue reading

Four-Year-Olds are Assholes


Generally, an artist’s toughest critic is him- or herself.  Not so for Bill Zeman.  His four-year-old is consistently ripping him a new one.  She tells him what to draw, he draws it, she tears it to shreds (or more often, erases it completely).  And Zeman posts it all on his blog, Tiny Art Director. My favorite critique has got to be

You just don’t draw so well. Why do you think that is? It turns out that I’m the good draw-er. It turns out that you’re the art director.

Or maybe “It’s dumb Daddy. You should erase it. Grow up Daddy.” Continue reading

Thank God for Shepard Fairey

If not for him, we would have had this plastered up everywhere during the campaign.  Is he holding a cell phone in his hand with a “B” on it? And is that a unicorn in the background (possibly just wishful thinking on my part), or just a white horse?  And shouldn’t he be walking ON the water, not through it?  Although I guess he wouldn’t be glistening then.

[via Bad Paintings of Barack Obama]

If Demetri Martin Was an Artist…

… He’d be Marc Johns.  Marc’s illustrations make me laugh the same way Demetri‘s jokes do.

And, like me, he likes to draw on Post-Its.



Sourdough Nibbler

We should be BFFs.

Naughty Bits

Man in Suit

Just like those old glasses from the ’70s where the clothes come off when filled with a cold drink.

(Warning: If your boss is not cool with naked people on your computer screen, you might want to save this for later.)

[via Smitten]

Guess Who

Did any of you love this game when you were younger as much as I did?  I was a little too old to actually own this game myself, but whenever I  babysat in high school, I always tried to coax the kids into playing this.  It worked about as often as trying to convince them not to watch Power Rangers (I HATED that show).

Also, check out the animator, Kirsten Lepore’s, other video “Sweet Dreams”.  Yes, it’s a little long, but it’s cute and completely worth it for the – albeit brief – cupcake/squash (at least I think it’s a squash) sex scene.