Babes in Manland

Objectifying women is bad.  Objectifying men?  Well, a little payback can’t hurt.  Babe City Babes is a site devoted to photos of hot guys just being… well… hot.  I mean really, how can you resist a site with a naked Burt Reynolds sprawled out on a bear skin rug tiled across the background? And really, it’s all in the name of research:

The man babe is a very complex and fascinating creature. From ongoing and intensive ethnographic research on the species, we present to you a compendium of our detailed studies and stunning findings.

I have my own babe to add to their collection:

Banana Hammock Babe

I saw this lovely specimen in Mexico.  HOT.  I call him Banana Hammock Babe.

[via Twitterer @natalielsoud; Burt Reynolds image courtesy of Cinematical]


2 responses to “Babes in Manland

  1. aaaaaaaaaahhhhh! why is burt reynolds naked??!

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