Every Family’s Got One

Hairy Uncle Louie, bug-eyed Aunt Sally, buck-toothed cousin Murray.  Ok, so maybe they’re not blue and 7 feet tall, but you know you’ve got at least one black sheep in the family (or maybe it’s you).  Well, artist Relleno De Mono takes vintage family photos and adds those weird relatives wherever they’re missing.

At the pool:

In your grandmother’s kitchen:

On the porch:

And to think… all those times Mom insisted there was no little green man with big ears hanging around the house, she just couldn’t admit Uncle Steve was visiting.

To see more, visit Relleno De Mono’s Flickr page.

[via Bad Banana Blog]


2 responses to “Every Family’s Got One

  1. The granny one’s my fave. Looks like Mr. Blue hid grandmama’s “medicine.” I finally put you on my blogroll btw, I had to “re-learn” how to do that. Man, life is rilllll!

  2. i just started laughing outloud…and i am alone!!! HAHAHA, you’re hilarious!

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