Four Legs Good, Eight Legs Bad

If the Slap Chop has fallen short of its promise to make your life more exciting, you might want to try putting something other than that guy’s nuts in your mouth.  Why not try Thai green crocodile curry, oven-baked tarantula (so much healthier than fried), or giant toasted leaf cutter ants (which “taste similar to crisply fried bacon with an earthy taste”)?  And for desert, there’s nothing like coffee made from animal droppings and some pearl dust to really put you in the mood.

It’s probably a good thing the name of the company is Edible, otherwise you might never have known you should be eating this stuff.   And then where would you be?  Living a boring life.


One response to “Four Legs Good, Eight Legs Bad

  1. ummmm, maybe I’m a little closed minded but I’ll pass should you ever invite me over for dinner and use these foods in your cooking. I think the reguritated food and the pooped-and-then-cleaned coffees are on the top of my list to avoid. Actually the whole list (except for the vanilla bean) is on my “F-It” list. No need to ever experience these. I’ll stick with rainbow cookies!

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