Muppets Take… My Credit Card and Make Me Spend $90


First, FAO Schwartz gave us the piano you play with your feet and life-sized stuffed animals.  And now?  Now they’ve given us the chance to design our own muppet.  Yes, you heard me correctly – you can design and own a muppet.  Yes, they’re what they call “Whatnots”, or Muppet “extras”, but you didn’t really think you could buy Kermit, now did you?

You can choose the Muppet’s body color, eyes, nose, hair, and clothing.  The “Broadway Showgirl” and Hugh Hefner-like “Lounge Jacket” clothing choices seem a bit off, but who am I kidding – these aren’t really for kids.  The weird thing though – they don’t have legs.  Which I guess makes sense, but it’s kind of disturbing to actually see them as just a head and torso.

All in all, $90 isn’t bad for a custom Muppet.  I’d pay double for Grover or Ernie though.


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