The Fuck (I Mean Eff) It List

I’m not really a big Twitterer, but I’ve just started following Michael Ian Black (my secret boyfriend – don’t worry, my husband knows).  He came up with what he calls The Fuck It List, the anti-Bucket List.  In case you haven’t seen the surprisingly-not-bad movie (I love Morgan Freeman – no one plays God better), a “bucket list” is a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket.  Therefore, the Fuck It List is a list of things you could care less about doing.  Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this and here’s what I’ve got so far:

1. Climb a mountain.

2. Become famous.

3. Try ‘shrooms (or any psychedelic for that matter).

4. Get over my fear of public speaking.

5. Jump out of a plane.

6. Appreciate sports more (with the exception of fencing).

7. Swim across any bodies of water.

8. Run a marathon.

9. Eat anything that’s still living.

10. Scuba dive.

So, when your life is flashing before your eyes on your death bed, what things will you be ok with not accomplishing?


3 responses to “The Fuck (I Mean Eff) It List

  1. no need for me to go bungee jumping. I really don’t feel a pressing need to jump off anything really high up with only an elastic band keeping me from crashing into the ground below!

  2. you know what? there’s actually not much that I would never do. what can i say, i’m curious. but i will have to stick with my answer of be on The Bachelor, but also add to that any other reality show that exists. unless it’s a contest to see who’s best at sitting around doing nothing, eating whatever they want, and surfing the internet. I may have a good chance with that.

  3. effyouitsmagic

    Oh yes, bungee jumping is another one. Being on a reality show falls under being famous I think. A few more:
    Become a wine and/or cheese connoisseur
    Learn to play an instrument (for real)
    Get plastic surgery

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