Naked If He Wants To

What?!  Dolls can’t be anatomically correct?

This guy sits in my living room making male guests (and my husband) a little uneasy.  I love it.  His name is Ayelu and he’s an artist.  He just works better in the nude.

If you want one, check out the Psarokokalo shop on Etsy (I have no idea how to pronounce it either – it’s Greek).  She’s only got one or two in her shop now, but I’m sure you can put in a special request.

(Yes, there seems to be a trend going on here lately.  Don’t worry, I promise that not all of my posts will involve nudity.)


4 responses to “Naked If He Wants To

  1. is he good in bed?

    • effyouitsmagic

      I’m sure he is.

      Although, it’s been a whole lot longer than 4 hours, so he might actually have a serious problem with his junk.

  2. he’s easily one of my favorite house decorations! does the designer make women too?

    • effyouitsmagic

      That’s strange… she had some kind of strange looking women up yesterday, but now they’re gone. She does have a “tit pin cushion” though.

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