Sex for Nerds

I know you can monitor your eating habits, your expenses, and your stocks online, but do you really need to keep tabs on your sex life?

Apparently the folks over at Bedpost think you do.  They help you keep track of when, with whom, and how long it all lasted (interestingly, they ask for “start time”, but not end time – just “How long did it last”.  Perhaps estimates are gentler on the ego than cold, hard numbers).  You can even rate the experience by checking off stars like you’re rating a restaurant.  And the funniest feature – descriptive tags.  I’d really like to see what people put for that – “sweaty”, “disappointing”, “weird”, “earth-shaking”, etc.

The whole thing seems a little sad to me.  I mean, there’s only three reasons I can see people using it:

  1. To brag to your friends – “Hey, check out my sex graph… I’m totally getting laid more than you!”
  2. To point out to your spouse during an argument that he or she isn’t giving it up enough.
  3. You’re such a slut that keeping online records is the only way you can keep all your sex partners straight.

Anyway you look at it, it’s a little pathetic.

Unfortunately for the site’s users though, only quantity is being measured, not quality.  Somehow, I don’t think users who follow Bedpost’s advice and “Simply log in after every time you have sex and fill out a few simple fields” are going to have too many repeat performances.  Forget the cuddling and/or cigarette… you need to whip out the laptop to jot down all the details.

If I haven’t turned you off to the idea and you want to make pie charts and venn diagrams and stuff to illustrate your bedroom adventures (yes, I will judge you), the site’s only beta right now, but you can sign up for an invitation.  In the mean time, you’ll have to just kick it old school with an Excel spreadsheet I guess.  Hot.

[via Apartment Therapy]


2 responses to “Sex for Nerds

  1. peeledoranges

    Wow. We live in such romantic times.

  2. LMAO. wow.

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