What’s Better Than Bacon?

Bacon… in bed.  Yes, this why-didn’t-someone-think-of-this-genius-idea-sooner alarm clock actually cooks you bacon in the morning.

From the Wake n’ Bacon page:

This clock gently wakes you up with the mouthwatering aroma of bacon, just like waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of Mom cooking breakfast. Unless you’re Jewish.

I don’t know about my fellow Chosen people, but if waking up to bacon is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

[via Urban Outfitters blog]


5 responses to “What’s Better Than Bacon?

  1. Mmm… Bacon… Sweet, sweet bacon.

  2. Nice!!! So glad to see you did this. By the way, let’s just say I’m aware of the bacon alarm clock. My thing is kind of like so it SMELLS like bacon but then you wake up and you don’t have any. Way to start your day off.

    • effyouitsmagic

      What kind of bastards would design something that teases you like that – promising bacon and then not delivering? That just sounds like cruel and unusual punishment.

  3. It’s kind of like an alarm clock that smells like sex. Except that would be gross.

  4. oh. gross. i hate the smell of bacon. this would be my hell.

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