Me, in a Six-Word Nutshell

I’ve never been much of a Hemingway fan (a little too much testosterone for my liking), but his six word short story – “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn” – is a little bit of brilliance.  Apparently the editors over at SMITH Magazine thought so too.  They asked writers big and small to write their own six-word memoirs and they’ve compiled them into a book – Six Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak.  I’m liking Hanorah Slocum’s “If I get Chlamydia, blame Myspace.”

Not to be too sappy, but here’s mine:

Terrorism, earthquake, and then came him.

Wait, that kind of makes my husband sound like a disaster.  Here’s another:

Knows I’m crazy.  Loves me anyway.

Ok, now your turn.  I want to see some six-word comments, please.

[via Outblush; also, I’m pretty sure Vanita told me about this the other night, but I was a little tipsy and could be wrong]


2 responses to “Me, in a Six-Word Nutshell

  1. effyouitsmagic

    Come on people… No one?!

  2. And then I was in love.

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