Eff Ponies.

Had I known as a kid what I know now, I never would have asked for a pony.  I mean, who the hell would want a pony when you can have a real life unicorn.  Ok, so it’s not the big, beautiful white unicorn you’d expect, but whatever… It’s got the horn and that’s what counts, right?  How cool would it have been to tell your friends “Why don’t you come by my house after school and check out my unicorn”?  And guys, the same line would have totally worked on the ladies in high school.  Or at least on me.

And if my parents had refused to get me the unicorn?  Well, I’d have asked for a pink dolphin.

(Thanks for the link Raven!)

Funny… inviting a girl to your place to see your pink dolphin would also work on two levels.


2 responses to “Eff Ponies.

  1. Uuuuunicorrrrrn!!!!!!

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