Why hello there…

Deer Cupcakes

Hey everybody!  Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to do this whole blogging thing.  It should be… um… interesting for all parties involved.  Basically, I’ll be posting weird/interesting/funny stuff for your viewing pleasure (and to give me an outlet for all the stuff I feel obligated to share with the world).  So that’s it I guess.  Enjoy!

(A note on the name of the blog: I would have liked to use the actual word “fuck”, but seeing as there are people out there with delicate sensibilities, I opted for the more palatable “eff”.  In my heart though, it’s still “fuck”.  And thank you Mike Monteiro for being the inspiration)

[image from Andrea Canalito via NylonMag]


One response to “Why hello there…

  1. I can’t wait for more posts!

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